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Life can feel impossible sometimes, I have come across many who initially set themselves very high goals to achieve but after a few weeks they give up thinking they cannot do it anymore. Many people tend to give up because they don’t have directions. One of the best affirmative quotes I always use, when am stuck in the power of the mind is ” My biggest enemy is me giving up on my goals in life”. Never give up.

Let me first dive, into the most asked questions about “GIVING UP”

i. what are the Signs of giving up?

ii. what are the Consequences of giving up?

iii . How not to give up


Here are the tips that will help you recognise signs of giving up in life yourself and others:

i. You have failed to meet your expectations
ii. You don’t take care of yourself
iii. You have no hope
iv. You stopped dreaming
V. You feel you can’t control life
Vi. You have lost excitement for life
Vii. You constantly compare and feel miserable
Viii. You no longer laugh as much.


1. It will make you less effective if you are a driven individual and then one day if “you give up”, there is a pretty high chance you’ll continue to haunt over it even if you aren’t actively working on it. and if you are still thinking about it, that’s the energy being spent on that paths. “Never give up.

2. Instant Success is a legacy.
It is a generation of instant achievement which generates the illusion that everyone needs what they want. Most people look at other successful people and assume they got it overnight but in reality, it took hard work and a lot of failures to get what they have. Most never see the journey but only the destination, and they fall in love with the idea that they don’t need to work hard to get it.


1. Be proud of yourself for every small win

When you have enormous and realistic goals in mind, celebrating the little wins becomes important, and that will help you get closer to achieving your bigger and more ambitious goals. When you take an effort and celebrate small successes, you are deciding to reward yourself for a stepping stone that you make on your way to reaching your goals. Making every tiny win celebration compulsory will bring you,
i. clarity
ii. we always remind you of your passion
iii. you will always gain confidence and motivation
iv. Celebrating every small win will aid you to strengthen your mental health.

2. Remember why you started and how much you wanted it.

Life happens to us at any time and when it’s happening, we may be forced to let go of our dreams, project and ambitions. We may find ourselves amid a major collapse in personal life as well, but they are not bad things, decide how you rise to each challenge and where you will go and don’t be discouraged by your losses, take to reflect on your progress. you deserve it.

3. Be careful with the good things while struggling.

Biblically – Luke 10:41-42, the passion translation(TPT).
The Lord answered her “Martha, my beloved Martha. Why are you upset and troubled, pulled away by all these many distractions? Many have discovered one thing, the most important by choosing to sit at any feet. She is undistracted, and I won’t take this privilege from her”.
*Mary has chosen the better part, which will not be taken away from her.
“Don’t be distracted by the good things while striving”.

4. Remember that you have choices.

Each day you choose which step to take along the path that is your life.
At times, it can seem like we are being flown along and that we don’t have any choice at all. But we can still succeed and make a few moments to re-centre our minds.

5. Make a plan and have a backup.

Setting out to achieve a goal requires you to put forth a plan and follow it to achieve what you desire. If by some chance you see that things aren’t working out you shouldn’t just give up and walk from the goal. Instead, you should think about your
Plan B, Sometimes a different approach may be needed, open up and change your perspective to achieve that goal.

6. Picture in your mind the ultimate results.

Being able to visualise your ultimate result of what you are getting helps you in setting milestones for yourself and seeing them pass in realistic details in your mind’s eye, you are setting yourself up, brick by brick, for ultimate victory.

Here is how you can visualize your success:

I. The first stage is to think of your goal
ii. Then you need to picture the scenes
iii. The successive stage is to think about it frequently
iv. Couple your visualisation with positive affirmation, such as, “I will succeed in life no matter the challenge I face in life and I will never GIVE UP.

7. Have motivational reminder plans.

Some positive daily reminders that can help you start your day off right include waking up with a positive attitude and making time for yourself.

Here are some daily reminders:

I. I can do anything
ii. I am amazing
iii. I will overcome this
iv. I am a light of this world
V. Strive for progress, not perfection
Vi. I celebrate my individuality
Vii. I am prepared to succeed
Viii. Everyone’s journey is different.

8. Patient with yourself.

Being patient with ourselves helps us to achieve our goals. The road to success is a long one. It is not something that can be achieved overnight. it is a rather slow but promising process of growth that with enough perseverance, meets the threshold of success.

What most people don’t realize is that at the moment they are about to succeed, they pull back, they begin to doubt, they begin to fear and that’s when they genuinely fail. Those who expect results immediately are unlikely to enjoy the sweet taste of success.

How did you teach yourself not to give up?

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“Don’t let life get the best of you to the point where your inner strength is the only tool you need to endure the phases of life’s threats in the instant”.